More and more Clients choose TNJ Law Firm to provide consulting services in many different fields such as Contracts, Real Estate, Investment, etc….This shows that TNJ is a highly reputable company. Clients’ trust is a source of motivation for TNJ’s Lawyers team to regularly create and cultivate professional knowledge as well as get experiences from practice.

We always desire to serve the best advice for Clients in the following areas:

Legal Advice on Contract

With the fluent foreign language and abundant experience lawyer team, we are ready to provide services include:

  • Verifying the legitimacy of the confirmed or will be signed Contract;
  • Appointing lawyers to participate in the negotiation and settlement of problems occurring in the performance of contracts;
  • Advising on drafting standard contract sets, cooperation agreement minutes arising in the business process of the enterprise;
  • Consulting on appraising the contents of the contract as well as reviews and modifies the terms in the contracts drafted by the partnership.

Legal Advice on Labour

In reality, the labour disputes stem from the conflict about rights, obligations, and benefits between the employee and the employer. Understanding this needs of the market, TNJ’s lawyers provide legal advice services for clients, namely:

  • Consulting on the labour contracts;
  • Consulting on wages;
  • Consulting on the resolution of labour disputes.

Legal Advice on Investment

We are ready to assist customers in each stage of the project as well as the entire investment process if customers request, specifically:

  • Consulting on issues of foreign-invested enterprises;

  • Consulting on drafting and completing the project’s documents, plans and papers necessary for each project in accordance including law and accordance with state management practices;

  • Consulting on drafting, completing records, associated documents, registering and completing procedures at competent authorities for obtaining necessary licenses such as construction licenses, extraordinary import licences, etc….

Legal advice on Real Estate

With experienced lawyers, TNJ advises legal issues relating to the project so that clients avoid the risks as well as ensure under the provisions of the law, including:

  • Legal advising related to the investment, building, development, owning, managing and operating the property;

  • Advising the parties on the drafting and negotiation of documents relating to the transfer, sale, lease of land and housing;

  • Advising the procedures for the land lease, allocate land, change the purpose of the land use, donate, transfer, exchange, lease, lend, inherit, mortage real estate in the competent state agency;

  • Advising and assisting clients in resolving disputes, complaints relating to Real Estate;

  • Advising operations another Real Estate.

Legal retainer service for business

  • Advising issues related to internal operations, business management;

  • Advising issues related to internal operations, business management;

  • Advising issues related to manufacturing activities, the business of the enterprises.

Advising on merging and acquisitions enterprise (M & A)

  • Evaluating and reviewing the overall legal transaction;

  • Advising the state policies and laws regarding M & A;

  • Advising legal and drafting contracts, transactions record;

  • Advising negotiations with the related parties on the records of contracts and transactions to complete transactions M & A.