Our lawyers have extensive experience in engaging in litigation of the following cases:

Criminal Case

With a good litigation lawyer team, TNJ Law Firm has sufficient ability to meet all requirements of clients and participates in protecting the rights of clients in the first instance, appellate and Cassation of Criminal case:

  • Participating in collecting evidence, research case files to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the accused and defendants from the investigation, prosecution and adjudication stages at the Court levels;
  • Collect evidence of the case objectively, comprehensively and effectively. Since then there is a basis to clarify the green evidence, the extenuating circumstances of criminal liability for the suspects and defendants. Thereby contribute to limit the wrongful situation and violating in the proceeding. Thus, the case is resolved quickly, promptly and lawful;
  • Assisting clients in exercising the right to appeal the judgements, and decisions of the Court as well as carrying out the retrial and cassation procedure under the provisions of law.

Civil, Commercial, Labour, Marriage and Family case

With the extensive experiences lawyers team, we participate in the pre-trial period and at all level of Courts or Arbitration, particularly:

  • Consulting, analyzing and assessing the case’s facts according to regulations and providing optimal solutions for clients to resolve disputes;
  • Representing clients to negotiate directly with related parties in the dispute to effectively solve the spirit of cooperation and goodwill to maintain business relationships among the parties;
  • Participate in verifying, collecting, examining and evaluating evidence and documents as well as consulting and supporting customers to draft, prepare lawsuits;
  • Provide the evidence to support the petition, request the Court to apply temporary emergency measures, change or cancel temporary emergency measures;
  • Authorized representative or involved in litigation with the role of the Attorney in the court or the arbitration to protect the legitimate rights and benefits of the litigants in civil cases/civil matters, and commercial cases of the trial level, the appellate level as well as the Cassation/ Retrial/ Special procedure (if any).

Administrative case

With a professional on administrative law lawyer team, TNJ Law Firm will assist clients to accurately and objectively assess administrative decisions of competent State agencies and provide solutions in case administrative decisions violating legitimate rights and interests of clients:

  • Advising on the right to appeal as well as the order and procedures for administrative decisions and acts;
  • Draft a complaint, assistant in resolving complaints, participate in dialogue sessions with customers, provide evidence, copy documents, and complaint files;
  • Advise and assist clients in drafting a petition, preparing documents to appear before the court, providing evidence to prove the petition, initiating administrative lawsuits at the Court;
  • Participate in the investigation, collection, inspection, and evaluation of evidence and documents;
  • Represent or appoint lawyers to participate in the litigation to protect legitimate rights and interests in administrative cases at all court levels.
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